• What is TechScreening anyway?

    TechScreening is the future of technical screening.  It is a marketplace where recruiters and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will collaborate to screen potential candidates.

  • How much would this cost?

    We will let the market decide the cost of service.

  • How will this work?

    In our rigorously screened marketplace of SMEs, recruiters will be able to find the best SMEs for any technical screening or interview for their potential candidates.  This will ensure that you are moving forward with a best candidate, you do not just have to trust your guts anymore, not that there is anything wrong with it, but now you will be certain that your candidate has better chance of being hired by your client.  The marketplace can also be used for technical interviews and for any purpose where you need an expert advice from a field for which you may not have the expert knowledge.

  • How will you choose Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)?

    We will have an extremely thorough process for choosing SMEs.  We will invite many Tech SMEs to join the network after meeting our rigorous criteria, but we will also solicit applications from potenital SMEs. Invited or not, all of them must meet high standards before they can work with us.